Never trust a white rabbit

it could be the straight way to hell

A woman destroys the life of her new love out of nowhere and faces her hidden self in the shadow of this existence.


The table is finely set and a pleasurable smell of roast fills the room. The protagonist quietly and lovingly awaits her new love for their first Sunday dinner together. In the course of the tender encounter, the protagonist transforms and the inconceivable happens. In the course of an interrogation, light comes into the darkness.

Director´s Statement

And silent voices became loud

"Lucinda's Pandora,
moves facets that get names like trust, love , letting in, longing, crashing, becoming a phoenix, running away again and opening up to life, and moves the facet of killing.

Many movements and many years of research were necessary to pursue the question of how does an initially completely peaceful, loving, rather shy being come to commit intimicide (i.e. murder, of a devoted even beloved person, for no prior apparent reason, such as defense or argument, in a moment of complete overwhelming lack of impulse control).

Questions such as "What does it take to have such a Pandora box inside in the first place?" "What does it take for it to open, and what consequences might result?".

One answer was repressed trauma can be highly explosive, inside and out, nesting deep in the hidden, unconscious space where this destructive force can continue to wreak its havoc, affecting our lives and relationships.
In the life of the soul there seems to be an instance that tries to protect us. Possibly it helps to split traumatic experiences from our memory in order to ensure our survival - one of the strands of my film.

The background of the protagonist's criminal act unfolds in the course of the film: the trauma of sexual abuse in her childhood, carried out by the village priest, in her own parental home, after the Sunday roast dinner.

This infinite offense, by a servant of God - believing the good - and coupled with the mother's looking away, this crime reaches an impact, immeasurably.
It disappeared in Lucinda's Pandora Box.

For a long time, the protagonist has no idea what repressed forces dwell in the deep unconscious abysses of her shadow world. Until the soul life feels called to give expression to this part, to unite the split parts.

Subtle, hidden split-off emotions, interactions and triggers, as well as successive dismantling of one's own personality, actions, originated by traumatizations, are possible consequences of the split-off. They can allow an inner-soul musty gloomy sludge to flourish, which may in a moment release highly explosive material with full force and thus mercilessly destroy.

The sexual abuse, causes an infinite suffering. The consequences can influence in all aspects of life, as long as they remain hidden.
The subversive element in this is the supposedly familiar and rewarding protected environment.

"You are special!" "I love you especially!"
"That doesn't hurt!" "You want it too"
"This is our secret! "Nobody will believe you!"

This film is for all the people who have experienced this hell with its fatal consequences for their human existence.

The research revealed how important loud witnesses would have been....
The horror would have had no more entry.

Healing can begin there, when one is seen.

"And silent voices became loud"

When in doubt, give the accused the benefit of the doubt!