About the director

Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez, is the daughter of a Spanish mother and a German father. She grew up in Switzerland, Spain and Berlin. She owes her special heritage, namely the love of art and expression, to her mother, a singer who performed on stage in Spain and also in Berlin. In this ambience wonderful international artistic encounters took place and these formed the breeding ground for her own later creative path.
After her acting training in Berlin and Barcelona, she first devoted herself to dance performance and studied in Amsterdam and Gerona.
New Dance with Julyen Hamilton, Choreography and Improvisation in Hamburg, with Joachim Apel. Several international dance performances and choreographies followed.
A request from UNESCO for the project : “Art in the Clinic (Psychiatry)” made her stage 3 plays for UNESCO.

She then trained as a dance therapist and immersed herself in the world of C.G. Jung.
Following her passion for acting, she studied further acting methods such as Lee Strasberg, Meisner and finally ” Chekhov” for several years at the International Chekhov Academy, with international acting teachers from New York, London, Berlin and Ireland and finished this study with the Chekhov -Teacher.

Various international acting projects followed.

Inspired by a short film project by Achim Michael Hasenberg “Filmband” she made the plan to create a film herself and acquired the necessary tools. The topic ” abuse”, which had been moving her for a long time, finally got its artistic expression in the film “Lucinda’s Pandora.” Film as a medium was deliberately chosen to give the important topic the widest possible reach.

“Lucindas Pandora”, is her first short film.

She lives and works in Berlin, Barcelona and Mallorca.

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